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Issue 36
March 1985

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Staff writers
Chris Bourne
Clare Edgeley
Craig Kennedy
Advertisement manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Advertisement sales executive
Kathy McLennan
Production assistant
James McClure
Advertisement secretary
Maria Keighley
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne
Neil Wood

Sinclair User is published monthly by EMAP Business and Computer Publications

Sinclair C5
Street credibility?

STATE OF THE ART Psion graphics ace Ann Hughes.

ENTRY POINT The basics of computing. New series.

SINCLAIR C5 Is Sir Clive taking us all for a ride? We pedal his wares.

COMPETITION Spring Monty Mole from his cell.

ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING John Gilbert creates some AI characters.

Spectrum price war
Hit Squad
Kno yore enemy
Hardware World
WH Smith gets into print

SINCLAIRVOYANCE Old wounds are re-opened in the Sinclair/Acorn battle.

NEWS The C5 hits the streets, Spectrum hits the deck, Clive hits Chris Curry.

SINCLAIR SIMON A quiet evening down at the local.

QL NEWS New packages from Sinclair, QL disc interface.

GREMLIN Sir Clive proves he has punch and Chris Curry of Acorn gets it.

HARDWARE WORLD A new range from DK'tronics and the Touchmaster graphics pad.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Ghostbusters, Airwolf, Match Day and Danger Mouse.

SINCLAIR SURGERY The good doctor is in.

HIT SQUAD David Reidy master programmer, reminisces about his skool daze, hem-hem.

BOOKS Seymour Papert has mind storms and we try some software projects.

ADVENTURE Graphics games explored. Gordo Greatbelly ventures forth.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Mike Wright takes a look at the electric office and QL Quilmerge.

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson delves into the Spectrum memory and builds a digital clock.


LETTERS More gas and gripes from our mail-bag.

TOP 30 The most popular software of 1984.

CROSSWORD Cryptic clues from Henry Howarth.

SUBSCRIPTIONS The best way to avoid disappointment.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT QL user-defined graphics package.

CLUB CORNER Enthusiasts from all over the globe.

SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Our guide for buyers.


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Issue 35 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance