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Issue 35
February 1985

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Staff writers
Chris Bourne
Clare Edgeley
Craig Kennedy
Advertisement manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Advertisement sales executive
Kathy McLennan
Production assistant
James McClure
Advertisement secretary
Claudia Viertel
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne
Neil Wood

Sinclair User is published monthly by EMAP Business and Computer Publications

Sir Clive
The face of the future
Software Report
Software under pressure

COMPETITION Oh brother! Win a brand-new printer.

MASS STORAGE The final part of our series looks at new disc systems.

SIR CLIVE The father of home computing talks about his plans, his hopes and fears, his critics.

SCREEN DISPLAY Michael Spencer explains the display file.

OPINION Headmaster David Dodds assesses the sorry state of education and points the way forward.

ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING John Gilbert begins a new series on writing adventures.

SOFTWARE REPORT Clare Edgeley investigates the games industry with disturbing conclusions.

SPECIAL OFFER Save £££ on exciting business software.

Hit Squad
Beating the system
The master adventurer

QL NEWS The latest news from QL correspondent Sid Smith.

GREMLIN Sir Clive waxes lyrical, Selina is unmoved.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Midnight on ice, and the lore according to Ultimate.

QL SOFTWARE SCENE Adventure in Pascal.

HARDWARE WORLD The Grafpad and Nordic keyboard.

SINCLAIR SURGERY Keeping your system in good health.

HIT SQUAD The rock star behind the system.

ADVENTURE Tricks and traps for cunning questers.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Software from McGraw Hill.

BOOKS Theo Wood does her sums and proceeds with Logo.

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson makes maths behave itself.


SINCLAIRVOYANCE The real enemy within.

NEWS Sinclair portable, QL deluxe, electric car.

SINCLAIR SIMON Our hero goes for a spin.

LETTERS Your views on all our Sinclair User news.

TOP 30 The most popular software of the past month.

SUBSCRIPTIONS The best way to avoid disappointment.

CROSSWORD Hack into a cracker from Henry Howarth.

NEXT MONTH Naked Spectrum: a fabulous new free poster.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT Get a share of the Stock Exchange.

HARDWARE DIRECTORY Spares for the DIY expert.

CLUB CORNER Lists of clubs throughout the world.

SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Comprehensive software guide.

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Issue 34 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance