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Issue 34
January 1985

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Staff writers
Chris Bourne
Clare Edgeley
Craig Kennedy
Advertisement manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Advertisement sales executive
Kathy McLennan
Production assistant
James McClure
Advertisement secretary
Claudia Viertel
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne
Assistant publisher
Neil Wood
Gerry Murray

Sinclair User is published monthly by EMAP Business and Computer Publications

Scott Expedition
Southern Quest

COMPETITION Take a voyage through life with Automata.

SCOTT EXPEDITION The QL travels to the South Pole.

MASS STORAGE We assess disc systems for the Spectrum.

MENU DRIVEN PROGRAMS Basic architecture.

INSIDE SINCLAIR Meet Sir Clive's software queen.

QL Software Scene
3D QL classic
Lost in Scarthorpe
Hit Squad
Gold rush of '81

SINCLAIR SIMON Our hero hacks his way to fortune.

GREMLIN Trouble in the jacuzzi, as Anneka reveals all. We think you should be told.

HARDWARE WORLD Kappa keyboard, AGF interface.

SINCLAIR SURGERY Tips to solve hardware troubles.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Storm, saga and sidhe among the latest Spectrum games.

QL SOFTWARE SCENE Psion's first QL game puts the rest in check.

ADVENTURE Richard Price comes to terms with reality on a trip to Hampstead.

BOOKS Pascal in Baker Street, software in the bank.

HIT SQUAD Chris Bourne pans for gold and strikes lucky with the ZX-81.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Stocks and shares, software upgrades, plus shop window and letters.

EDUCATION A close look at the new range of educational software from Longmans.

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson on LOAD and SAVE routines.


SINCLAIRVOYANCE Where is Sinclair going next?

NEWS Hacking the prince, selling the Spectrum+.

NEXT MONTH Great free gift for February.

LETTERS Another blast from the Sinclair User soapbox.

SUBSCRIPTIONS The best way to make sure of your copy.

TOP 30 The latest charts of software bestsellers.

CROSSWORD Silicon clues to tease your brain.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT Set sail for the New World.

STARTERPACK Basic help for the novice programmer.

CLUB CORNER Lists of clubs throughout the world.

SOFTWARE DIRECTORY The unique guide to software.

HARDWARE DIRECTORY Spare parts and repairs.

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Issue 33 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance