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Issue 109
March 1991

Garth Sumpter
Design editor
Andrea "Hotlips" Walker
Cally "Scouser" Stewart
Staff writer
Phillip Fisch
SU Crew
Chris "Hateful" Jenkins
John Cook
Pete Gerrard
Gary Liddon
Phillip Fisch
Joseé Duran

Advertisement manager
Jim Owens
Ad production
Jo "Titters" Gleissner
Marketing manager
Dean Barrett
Graham Taylor
Managing Director
Terry Pratt

HUXLEY PIGAlternative
SAM MIND GAMES 1Enigma Variations
SAM SPHERAEnigma Variations

VIZ! Yes, it's the country's raunchiest magazine and it's on the cover. We bring you a completely playable demo of Virgin's hottest game. And not only, but also, we give you a total of EIGHT! yes EIGHT! great pieces of code including SIX scorching bloody great games to slap into your computer! There's DYNAMITE DAN II, US Gold's GUNSMOKE, SURVIVOR and TEMPLE OF TERROR, GOLDMINE for the 48K and even a COUPE version! And don't forget, Captain Poke will be giving you all the latest load-in cheats!


Win A Holiday!
Don't waste any time! This easy to enter compo will see the winner and a friend of their choice on an all expenses paid adventure holiday. Shoot, climb, drive, it's a whole experience for free!

Hacking Squad
Attennn-shun!! It's the Hacking Squad - all the very latest and greatest hints and tips, presented by Corporal José Duran - called up this month for a tour of duty on the Squad.

The ups and downs of the Spectrum world.

Looks, books, model exhibitions and the latest heavy metal and rap music vids - thrown together by our very own Mr Hateful.

Your very own pull out section. Just carefully undo the staples and pull it out for everyone to see. A magazine within a magazine packed with interactive fun.

  • Smash Coupons
  • Tell It To Garth
  • Readers Questionnaire
  • The Write Stuff
  • Winners
  • Sorceress
  • Cartoon

Coin Ops
This month John Cook checks out the very latest the video world has to offer at Europe's biggest leisure machine show including Mad Dog McCree and R360.

Sega R360

Viz! The Bare Facts
Ian Watson takes the lid off toilet humour and lets us see what makes Viz tick!

Viz latest! Plus Predator, Heroquest and Robozone.


Chris "Hateful" Jenkins
Just why is this man laboured with the epitaph "Hateful"? It's in the masthead after all. Scientists at NASA reckon that a night out with Chris is less fun than being born dead with cancer though that is a tad harsh. So what does the great man himself have to say about all this "hateful" malarky? "It's just those boys at SU showing off again. I'm really very nice. I pat dogs and go on skipping holidays in Deal". Oh dearie me.

Garth Sumpter
What can we say? Bugger all really. After all he is the Editor and any words of vitriol would just be rewarded with a smartish smack in the chops. So let's just keep it short and sweet and harp only upon the nice things about our big man in charge. Errm ... Oh dear, I've gone all of a blank.

Phillip Fisch
He's just nipped out the office to staple some kittens to the pavement and throw some rocks at the Iraqi embassy so it's safe to tell you what a git he is. Phil's contribution to gitdom is large and profound. His first act of extreme gittery was to cop the midwife a punch in the teeth when she slapped his newly born botty. His first words where "Stitch that" and, heavens he's just come back so best I stop typing rather sharpish.

José Duran
The poor man. He thought he'd thought that the easiest work experience he'd ever get from college would be to work with the SU Crew for a while. Do nothing but play computer games and pose for the cameras. Well, after having to polish Garth's Cavalier twice a day, keep running off to the tuck shop forty times a day to supply Mr Liddon in bronto snaps, popping down to Boots to get Andrea the latest eyeshadow colours and having to dodge the unwelcome attentions of Phil Fisch, José just can't wait to get back to college. Can't say I blame him either!

Andrea "Kaleidogyn" Walker
What should we write about you Andrea, "Oh anything you want, I don't mind". You liar, we could say you had a great big nose with lots of nostril hair that sparrows nest in, you wouldn't like that very much would you. Apparently she's a bit like Tank Girl though the unkinder wagging tongues among the SU Crew reckons Tanked Up Girl is more like It. (Thath's a lie, hic, hic!) We rest our case.

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BBC Frontline

© Copyright 1991
Emap Images

No part of this magazine may be reproduced or stored in an electronic retrieval system without permission or you'll be in real troubs matey!

SU would also like to take this opportunity to wave a fond farewell to Mr Matt Bielby, the erstwhile editor of Your Sinclair who has just moved on to pastures new. It was a pleasure to fight it out with Matt in the Spectrum ring, and although he's had to retire from the ring, we hope he'll be around to fight another day. Oh yes Matt, Andrea, who remembers you from your days on C&VG sez "See you Bilge Bag. Give me a ring sometime!"

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