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Issue 38
May 1985

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Staff writers
Chris Bourne
Clare Edgeley
Craig Kennedy
Editorial secretary
Norisah Fenn
Neil Wood

Advertising manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Advertisement sales executive
Kathy McLennan
Production assistant
Jim McClure
Advertisement secretary
Maria Keighley

Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne

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MASS STORAGE John Lambert provides an in-depth review of the new Opus disc drive for the Spectrum.

MACHINE CODE Put a hex on your Spectrum with the help of programmer Marcus Jeffrey.

Machine CodeRobot competition
Mind over machineThe walking, talking robot

TASWORD 2 Customising the popular word-processor to suit your own needs. John Lambert spreads the word.

QL PROGRAMMING The structure of Superbasic - exclusive extracts from The QL Book by our own John Gilbert.

COMPETITION The Ultimate robot could be yours in a super competition for space-hounds.

SPECIAL OFFER Ten hit games in one package. Dare you miss out on your order?

Hit Squad
They came from outer space
Spectrum Software Scene
Herbert gets the runs
Program Printout
Meet Big John

NEWS High finance and low profits, Sinclair plans for chip manufacturing plant.

SINCLAIR SIMON How not to sell a computer game ...

QL NEWS Hilton show relaunches the QL, plus new software releases.

GREMLIN Horror from beyond the tomb - David Ward revives Imagine.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Exclusive reviews of Herbert and Overlords. [two parts]

HARDWARE WORLD Boxer and Citadel monitors.

BOOKS Hackers reveal their secrets, Sinclair unveils the mysteries of QDOS.

HIT SQUAD Level Nine in outer space. Chris Bourne follows the great adventure.

ENTRY POINT John Gilbert puts his memory to the test.

BUSINESS SOFTWARE Office in miniature from database. Mike Wright reports.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT Get a hole in one at the Golf Club, then shoot it out with Duke.

ADVENTURE HELPLINE Slaughter on the road, but Gordo Greatbelly is undeterred.

ADVENTURE Richard Price investigates new mysteries and travels to the Emerald Isle.

ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING John Gilbert teaches the Spectrum to understand English.

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson interrupts a ghost.








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