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Issue 37
April 1985

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Staff writers
Chris Bourne
Clare Edgeley
Craig Kennedy
Editorial secretary
Norisah Fenn
Neil Wood

Advertising manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Advertisement sales executive
Kathy McLennan
Production assistant
Jim McClure
Advertisement secretary
Maria Keighley

Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne

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ENTRY POINT John Gilbert concocts a simulation to help get beginners on the right road.

PICTURE TRANSFORMATION Graphics wizardry from machine-code mage Mark Jarrard.

SOFTWARE REPORT Clare Edgeley investigates the role of distributors in the industry.

Software ReportC5/TV competition
The middlemen fight backElectric dreams come true

SPECIAL OFFER Ten hit games at a price to make your joysticks tremble with shock.

COMPETITION Get yourself some new wheels or pocket a TV in our great Sinclair competition.

ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING Intelligent combat with jousting John Gilbert.


SINCLAIRVOYANCE Putting the price war into context.

Gordo Greatbelly
Dancing Ogre
Spectrum Software Scene
Utterly alienated
Hit Squad
The Land of Pi

NEWS Italian job for Acorn, Sinclair moves in on USA.

COMRADE SIMON The truth behind the iron curtain.

QL NEWS Mk II software from Psion hits the streets.

GREMLIN Piman's finest hour; the Ocean-going yacht.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Alien 8 and 3D Starstrike, Hunchback meets Mutant Monty.

QL SOFTWARE SCENE Assemblers for touch typists.

QL HARDWARE WORLD Disc interface from CST.

HARDWARE WORLD Timex slip a disc in Portugal.

BOOKS Which? guide to software and how to watch television.

EDUCATION Theo Wood on aids for O Level revision.

ADVENTURE Richard Price takes up his Quill again ...

DANCING OGRE Gordo Greatbelly begins his quest.

HIT SQUAD Piman sings the blues. Chris Bourne listens.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Embellish Tasword II, and psychoanalyse your staff.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT New commands for the ZX-81, a flaming good game for the QL.

HELPLINE Un-twisting your attributes with Andrew Hewson.








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Issue 36 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance