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Issue 33
December 1984

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Staff writer
Chris Bourne
Craig Kennedy
Advertisement manager
Rob Cameron
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Production assistant
James McClure
Advertisement secretary
Claudia Viertel
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne
Assistant publisher
Neil Wood
Gerry Murray

Sinclair User is published monthly by EMAP Business and Computer Publications

Spectrum +
Sinclair's new Spectrum
Micro Magic
Now you see it, now you don't

CROSSWORD A puzzle with a silicon flavour for Xmas.

X-CERTIFICATE Advice on program presentation.

MASS STORAGE We assess three devices for efficiency.

C LANGUAGE Adam Denning expands his vocabulary.

MICRO MAGIC Party time with conjurer David Hambly.

COMPETITION A spooky quiz to bust the brains of any ghost.

SPECTRUM + A full review of the new-look Spectrum.

MULTI-PITCH Expanding the size of the Spectrum screen.

Hit Squad
Manic Matthew
Ghostbusters competition
Things that go bump in the night

ZX-81 SOFTWARE SCENE Three adventures in one.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Nine pages of hard-hitting software reviews.

SINCLAIR SURGERY Your problems solved by our experts.

HARDWARE WORLD All the latest peripherals reviewed.

SINCLAIR SIMON Epic full-colour Christmas cartoon. [two parts - 265K/270K]

HIT SQUAD Chris Bourne meets the man behind the Manic Miner myth.

BOOKS QL guides and the secrets of the computer wimp.

ADVENTURE Richard Price examines adventure aids. Plus - drop in at the Dancing Ogre.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Cardfiles and cashflow.

MIND GAMES Dare you take the Mind Games test?

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson investigates ROM routines.


SINCLAIRVOYANCE Once upon a time in Cambridge ...

NEWS Spectrum+ in the shops, Imagine comes in from the cold.

LETTERS More musings from the Sinclair User postbag.

TOP 30 The independent guide to the software hits.

SUBSCRIPTIONS Make sure you get your copy.

PROGRAM PRINTOUT Our first game for the mighty QL.

BACK ISSUES Where to get those issues you missed.

STARTERPACK Simple tips to help you get started.

SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Our unique guide to software.

HARDWARE DIRECTORY A new guide to peripherals.

CLUB CORNER Where to find a club near you.

NEXT MONTH How does Sinclair choose its software?

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Issue 32 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance