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Issue 22
January 1984

Managing editor
Nigel Clark
Deputy editor
Nicole Segre
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Managing production editor
Harold Mayes MBE
Software editor
John Gilbert
Program reviewer
Rebecca Ferguson
Brian King
Group advertisement manager
John Ross
Sales executive
Annette Burrows
Production assistant
Dezi Epaminondou
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE At the start of 1984, we look to the year ahead.

  • SINCLAIR USER CLUB More special offers for Club members.

  • NEWS Sinclair expansion plans overseas, a challenge for the BBC contract, the Cambridge Award winners, and more.

  • SINCLAIR SIMON Further adventures of our hero.

  • LETTERS The latest selection from our postbag.

  • HARDWARE WORLD Digital-to-analogue converters and a communications cradle are among the add-ons reviewed this month.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Six pages of software reviews.

  • JOYSTICK SOFTWARE John Gilbert tries using a joystick with some well-known games.

  • RS232 Stephen Adams explains the ins and outs of the serial interface.

  • HIT SQUAD In the first of a new series on top programmers, Nicole Segre talks to Charles Davies.

  • MACHINE CODE Graphics are discussed in John Kerrigan's new series on machine code programming.

  • FORTH John Gilbert continues his articles on the popular programming language.

  • PROGRAM PRINTOUT Sixteen pages of the best program listings.

  • USER OF THE MONTH Flo Barker talks to a Methodist minister about his computer-planned time-table.

  • EDUCATION Theodora Wood considers some of the educational software which is available.

  • SOUND EFFECTS Robert Shipley suggests some simple machine code routines for better sounds.

  • COMPETITIONS We announce the winner of our Microdrive competition and offer another chance for a trip to Cologne.

  • BOOKS John Gilbert reviews some recent publications.

  • HELPLINE Andrew Hewson provides the answers to your problems.

  • STARTER PACK Our regular feature for beginners.

  • MIND GAMES Quentin Heath assesses the impact of the Microdrive on adventure games.

  • SOFTWARE DIRECTORY A comprehensive list of cassettes, complete with the Gilbert factor.


John Gilbert reviews the latest programming packs. We also bring you pictures of the Cambridge Award ceremony, plus the usual news, reviews and program listings.

If you would like to contribute to any of the Sinclair User group of publications please send programs, articles or ideas for hardware projects to:
Sinclair User and Programs
ECC Publications,

Programs should be on cassette and articles should be typed. We cannot undertake to return them unless a stamped-addressed envelope is included.
We pay £10 for each program published and £50 per 1,000 words for each article used.

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Issue 21 - Mind Games Main Contents Sinclairvoyance