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Issue 11
February 1983

Nigel Clark
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Production editor
Harold Mayes MBE
Staff writer
John Gilbert
William Scolding
Editorial director
John Sterlicchi
Advertisement director
Simon Horgan
Advertisement manager
John Ross
Sales executive
Annette Burrows
Editorial/production assistant
Margaret Hawkins
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd. It is not in any way connected with Sinclair Research Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE We attempt to assess the possible effects of a ban on micro imports.

  • SINCLAIR USER CLUB Two more offers to members of our popular club and news of events.

  • NEWS Spectrum on sale in Smiths, artificial intelligence on the Spectrum, call for import ban, and much more.

  • YOUR LETTERS Another big selection from our postbag, with your views on a variety of subjects.

  • HARDWARE WORLD The range of available add-ons continues to grow and we look at the new items.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Cassettes for the Spectrum are flooding on to the market and we have three pages of reviews to keep you up-to-date.

  • ZEAKER Stephen Adams reviews a new product which could help in the teaching of mathematics in schools.

  • SPECTRUM GRAPHICS Ian Stewart manages to display polygons on the Spectrum with some unusual results.

  • STARTING FROM SCRATCH We have updated our beginners' article to include tips for the new Spectrum user.

  • MEMORY SAVING Our special feature gives a number of tips on how to save memory when writing programs.

  • PROGRAMMING John Gilbert continues his series on how to program to achieve good results.

  • ARCADE GAMES With the Spectrum there have been more opportunities for reproducing arcade-type games. John Gilbert investigates.

  • PROGRAM PRINTOUT Our regular section of readers' programs with 11 pages this month.

  • BOOKS This month we look at books which have a more general interest.

  • COMPETITION WINNER We announce the winner of our September contest for the ZX-99.

  • HELPLINE Andrew Hewson concentrates on problems with the PRINT command.

  • MIND GAMES Philip Joy with his regular column for people who like to think while playing the computer.


We profile the company which deals with Sinclair Research distribution and assess the new range of software from Sinclair Research.

If you would like to contribute to any of the Sinclair User group of publications please send programs, articles or ideas for hardware projects to:
Sinclair User and Programs
ECC Publications,

Programs should be on cassette and articles should be typed. We cannot undertake to return them unless a stamped-addressed envelope is included.
We pay £10 for each program published and £50 per 1,000 words for each article used.

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Issue 10 - Mind Games Main Contents Sinclairvoyance