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Issue 12
March 1983

Nigel Clark
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Production editor
Harold Mayes MBE
Staff writer
John Gilbert
William Scolding
Editorial director
John Sterlicchi
Advertisement manager
John Ross
Sales executive
Annette Burrows
Editorial/production assistant
Margaret Hawkins
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE We consider the possibility why the price of the Spectrum may fall in the near future.

  • SINCLAIR USER CLUB Our offers concentrate on the more serious side of the use of the Sinclair machines.

  • NEWS Clive becomes a multi-millionaire; trouble at the Timex factory; the Spectrum on general sale; and much more.

  • YOUR LETTERS More of your interesting views on the state of the market.

  • HARDWARE WORLD Our reviewers have had to cope with a sudden boost in the launch of new add-ons.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Spectrum games are still dominating the new products.

  • FUTUROLOGY Chris Reynolds' article on Code Junkies provoked a good deal of reaction. J R Bird answers his conclusions.

  • STARTING FROM SCRATCH Our regular feature to help the many new owners of Sinclair machines make a good start.

  • SINCLAIR SIMON Meet our new cartoon hero who will be commenting on the Sinclair market each month.

  • PROGRAMMING John Gilbert deals with data sorting in the third part of his series on how to program.

  • EDUCATION Eric Deeson gives his views on the Government Micros in Schools scheme.

  • SINCLAIR SOFTWARE Sinclair has launched its new range of software and we assess it to see if it is an improvement on the first group.

  • PROGRAM PRINTOUT Twelve more pages of our popular collection of program listings.

  • AMERICAN MARKET Robin Bradbeer reports on the announcement of the U.S. Spectrum and other developments on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • HELPLINE We have expanded Andrew Hewson's regular advice section.

  • MIND GAMES Quentin Heath takes over from Philip Joy as our correspondent and this month looks at the popular new game of Hobbit.


We begin a new series, Sinclair user of the month, with articles on people nominated by readers, and Stephen Adams reviews the Memic memory unit from Camel.

If you would like to contribute to any of the Sinclair User group of publications please send programs, articles or ideas for hardware projects to:
Sinclair User and Programs
ECC Publications,

Programs should be on cassette and articles should be typed. We cannot undertake to return them unless a stamped-addressed envelope is included.
We pay £10 for each program published and £50 per 1,000 words for each article used.

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Issue 11 - Mind Games Main Contents Sinclairvoyance