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SU 133 Cover

Issue 133
March 1993

Alan Dykes
Art editor
Sara Pruce
Yvette "Bye Bye" Nichols
Coin Ops editor
Ed Laurence
SU Crew
Mr. Hacking Squad: Garth Sumpter
Mr. Checkout: Steve Keen
Mr. Patrick Eggle and a few reviews: Philip Lindey
Nigel Mansell's best mate: Tony Kaye
Mr. Historic Games: Mark Patterson
Mr. Reviews. Paul Davis
Mr. Pain In The Butt: Tom 'Call me Tom' Guise
Mr. Technical: Graham Mason
Mr.(??!) Adventure: Pete Gerrard

Ad manager
Tina "Absolutely wonderful and always part of the SU Crew" Zanelli
Ad production
Tina Gynn
Mr Marketing
Mark Swallow
Fiona "Doh!" Malloch
Mike Frey
Managing Director
Terry Pratt

Way outside the ball park!
Massive sprites, massive action. SU SILVER
Telly Addicts meets Running Man and Rollerball. SU BEST BUDGET
Here at last and MEGA action! SU SILVER
Get your racing gloves on.

The Fun 4 is really a Fun 5 this month but we're being modest as usual. There's shoot 'em up action in the tradition of Harrier Attack with our attack helicopter full game ATAC, a multi level, horizontally scrolling SU Exclusive. The action continues in adventure land for those brave enough to face it (and to finish last month's instalment) with the third part of The Axe Of Kolt, while for those needing help with the first two parts we've included help. Dinosaur mania hits SU in the form of a brief history lesson, Dinosaurs ... Brush up your knowledge of these prehistoric monsters. And finally Pokemania, your monthly games help clinic. Oh yes, we almost forgot there's a Music Demo too!


Hacking Squad
Garth Sumpter has become so cool that we all have to wear woolly jumpers when he's around. Luckily he's a square and this month displays his talents by extorting an excellent map and solution for Crystal Kingdom Dizzy from two hapless readers who haven't, and are highly unlikely to, ever meet each other or him. Among other gems of information ...

SUper Games
Chirpy Cockney Mark Patterson takes you through the first part of his pick of the best games from the last few years.

The Timex Has Come ...
And gone! In the mid eighties American computer and digital watch giants Timex brought out a Speccy clone. It was never sold here but then neither was Fluff marshmallow spread. Find out more.

Coin Ops
The best guide to the latest coin ops is back by popular demand and with a new editor at the helm - Ed Laurence.


Tell It To Al


Christmas is over and you can be darn sure that some idiots have given their friends, nieces, nephews or other relations a pet as a present. This is a really crap idea folks. Having a pet takes time and thought and so many are abandoned after the hols that it's really disgusting. The SU Crew prefer to see naturally wild animals or well looked after family pets.

Big Al' has gone completely out of his tiny little mind this month. For a start he's desperately heartbroken at the sudden departure of Yvette Nichols (a year late) to New Zealand. But even worse he also thinks he's Guile out of Street Fighter 2, which is a bit sad 'cos he looks more like E. Honda. (Who wrote this? They're fired!)

Whooa! We've got a new girlie art editor up in SU Towers, Sara Pruce. It's a hard job filling Yvette's shoes but Sara who is roughly the same size fits the bill marvelously. Her fave occupations are telling Big Al' off (she learns quickly)and going to raves. Her fave games are shoot 'em ups 'cos she's tough she is!

Boo hoo, it's time to wish a tearful bye bye to the top designer and SU pin up from the southern hemisphere, Yvette 'Scalpel' Nichols. She's packing it all in to go home to New Zealand, learn more about sheep and light aircraft, and get back to were the surf never sets. Bye Yvette we'll all miss you. (Good that's got rid of her.)

Garth has a completely new image these days - thanks to a few visits to Paris and a Christmas/New Year holiday spent in a tiny cottage in the Lake District with five Scandinavian supermodels. He wears dark glasses and tuxedos to work, smokes French cigarettes and eats caviar. It's a pity about the Brummie accent though.

What? Another departing member of the SU Crew? Well, yes actually. Philip has bummed off to the green pastures of old Ireland to live in a cottage and paint highly artistic representations of certain species of flora and fauna in various states of undress. Parting comment: 'God it's good to get away from all my admiring fans, keep on Speccing folks'!

Steve 'Ken, Ryu, Guile, Honda, Chun Li, Bison, Dhalsim, etc.' Keen has just been voted the world's most influential authority on Street Fighter 2. He can't actually play it to save his life but he theoretically knows more tricks, moves and slick, surefire ways to win than anyone else on the planet.

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Absolutely no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in an electronic retrieval system or copied without the express written permission of the publisher. It Tom Guise doesn't stop telling Big Al' to 'just call him Tom' he's going to be in serious trouble! Signing off from another issue, stay cool folks.

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