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Issue 131
January 1993

Alan "Grumpy" Dykes
Yvette "Snow White" Nichols
SU Crew
Garth "Dopey" Sumpter
Steve "Snoozy" Keen
Philip "Happy" Lindey
Graham "Doc" Mason
Pete "Sneezy" Gerrard
Ed "Bashful" Laurence

Ad manager
Tina Zanelli
Ad production
Tina Gynn
Mr Marketing
Mark Swallow
Marketing ladies
Sarah Hilliard
Sarah Ewing

Mike Frey
Managing Director
Terry Pratt

More fun with the bloke with the yolk! SU GOLD
Sheepskin coat routine
Able antics with Bad Brucie. SU GOLD
Zeppelin serve up an ace
Learn to be quick on the draw! SU SILVER
Top beat 'em up action. SU BEST BUDGET
Ocean's top tough guys team up. SU GOLD

Sorry folks no Great 8 this month, it's now the Fun 4. But what a stonkingly great Fun 4 it is! We've got a fully usable demo of ANIMATOR 1, a superb graphics and animation program from Softcat Micros. It contains everything except its save mode but we've also included an offer for this, direct from Softcat Micros. So get going. The arcade game SAS, also included this month, was written on Animator 1 so you'll get a chance to see what it can do, and save No. 10 Downing Street from hand grenade destruction into the bargain. THE AXE OF KOLT is one of Larry Horsfield's greatest adventures yet and you've got the first part all to yourself on this month's Fun 4. And last but not least good old POKEMANIA is there to make your life a little bit easier.


Animator 1
More instructions on how to use Animator 1. The first part of a two part guide.

Hacking Squad
Garth Sumpter has gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you this month's feast of Solutions, Tips, Cheats and POKEs. He has gone without food, drink and sleep for the last fortnight and he hasn't actually shaved since the sixteenth century. So don't get stumped ... Get Sumpter, he'll help you out! This month there's the second part of the Wild West Seymour solution along with the first part of a Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk solution. And much, much more.

Blank Page
There's nothing on it.

Organise Yourself
We included a Database, Cash Book and Word Processor on the Great 8 (sob, lament) last month. This month Philip Lindey, the scourge of Neasden, takes us through them in a little more detail.

Adventure Writing
The penultimate instalment of Larry Horsfield's engrossing guide to writing your own adventure using PAW. You're nearly there!

The best bunch of Budget Buys SU has ever seen. Check them out!

It's a Checkout Christmas Special this month as Stevie Keen, everyone's favourite haircut and pink t-shirt wearer, brings us a veritable cornucopia of splendid toys and gifts for the festive season and the January sales.


Tell It To Al/Suckup


It's been a tough year for the Spectrum. First of all Crash closed down, then Garth Sumpter left Sinclair User (well, not all bad I suppose), and finally nearly all the software houses said nay to new Spectrum products. Gloom and doom could have set in but for the concerted efforts of Big Al's SU Crew and a certain girlie editor and her (unmentionable on these pages) Speccy mag. We stuck it out together with you the readers and continued to seek out games wherever they could be found and conquered.

Well the new year has sneaked up on us faster than a cat on an aquarium and so it's time to review '92 and make our new year's resolutions for '93. What's going to happen? Dunno! But you can be sure SU will be covering it when it does.

Alan Dykes'92'93
Weight16 stone13 stone
OccupationEditorEven better editor
Occupation in '91Yak Herder (it shows!)
New Year's Resolutions: To lose weight and get fit so I can go skiing in 1993. To keep the Speccy going as long as possible. To practice my bass guitar a bit more. To stop crying in the middle of the night out of loneliness for Millie the Yak whom I left in Siberia two years ago.Alan
Garth Sumpter'92'93
HeightUnknownRemains unknown
OccupationEditorHacking editor
Occupation in '91Exotic dancer
New Year Resolutions: To seek out new speccy games and boldly crack them where nobody else has before. To avoid sitting on my new (and in my opinion rather sad - Al) glasses, make sure that everyone has a laugh and to banish sadness from the world with a new joke every day.Garth
Yvette Nichols'92'93
HairBlondeBlue rinse
OccupationArt editorArt farty
Occupation in '91Woollen jumper
New Year Resolutions: Give up this sad country and go back to New Zealand where the surf's good, the guys are hot and the volcanoes are active. Help the Spectrum survive in NZ. Write letters of protest to governments with crap human rights records throughout the world.Yvette
Ed Laurence'92'93
HairDirtyVery dirty
OccupationGames reviewerBricklayer
Occupation in '91Metaphysical poet
New Year Resolutions: To stop giving away his mother's cattle for those darn beans! Doh! To keep on getting bigger boots and wearing thicker socks. To pierce several other parts of his body and to stop making new year resolutions.Ed
Philip Lindey'92'93
Weight2 stone15 stone
HairTousledAll over the shop
OccupationStaff writerPro Tetris player
Occupation in '91Arty student
New Year Resolutions: To cut my toenails before they sprout through my socks. To stop putting on so much weight, play more guitar on my new strat and to work on my carp speling.Philip
Steve Keen'92'93
WeightFat BoyStill a Fat Boy
OccupationGames reviewerGirl's Blouse
Occupation in '91Tattoo artist
New Year Resolutions: To buy odour eaters whenever I buy new trainers. To spend more money on clothes - and less on food. To phone my mum at least once a week, 'cos she worries about me and I love her.Steve

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Adventure Game Writing Tutorial - Issue 130 Main Contents Adventure Game Writing Tutorial