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Issue 126
August 1992

Alan "Out and About" Dykes
Yvette "West Coast" Nichols
SU Crew
Garth "Bright Shirt" Sumpter
Steve "Rainy Holiday" Keen
Ed "Skate" Laurence
Pete "Master of the Runes" Gerrard
Graham "Machine Code" Mason
Phillip "Morse Code" Fisch
Paul "The Lift" Anglin

Ad manager
Tina "Schwing" Zanelli
Matthew "Leaving on a Virgin Jet Plane" Walker
Mr Marketing
Mark "Daddy" Swallow
Marketing persons
Sarah "Green Tartan" Ewing
Alan "It's going to be late" Hilliard

Mike "Volkspublisher" Frey
Managing Director
Terry "Meetings" Pratt

Boring American football in the future
Super footie action from new boys Touchdown
ITALY 1990Kixx
Average World Cup re-release
The best tennis action around
KLAXHit Squad
Supreme arcade puzzle game
32 crazy sports from around the world. An SU Silver.
Confusing re-release of the film licence
Codies roll out their best oldies again
Don't shell out without reading this review!
3D SNOOKERZeppelin
Well knock me over with a red ball. An SU Silver.


The Great 8 has another set of super games and unbelievable utilities this month including the Password Prize Game GOTHIK, a sword and sorcery adventure of massive proportions. Also included is Icon Grafix 48K, easily one of the best art packages ever brought out on the Spectrum. Big Brother will be along next month so don't be disappointed if you've got a 128K machine it'll be along next month, absolutely free! FSF Adventures is back with the follow up to Magnetic Moon, Starship Quest Part 1, another text adventure. We've got another fully playable shoot 'em up Star Trip, the follow up to FUSSLOAD - 128K LOAD, another amazing SU utility, the fourth Music Demo and of course, the perfect POKEr POKEMANIA and the terrific tape tips thang TIPS AMAZING. Load it, play it, use it.


Hacking Squad
Hannah Smith Guess who's got all you need to complete those games that've been hassling you for the last few months (or years). Yes it's the very pretty and extremely intelligent Hannah Smith, the terror of the west country in a pair of lycra cycling shorts. But she's not short of tips for your games this month with a map for last month's prize game LONE WOLF, Solutions for Slightly Magic and Escape and POKEs for Turtles, Gremlins 2 and Turbo The Tortoise and some helpful hints on all three parts of Magnetic Moon. Essential reading.

Have the Russians really invented the +4? Or is Big Al talking through his toupé again. Full details are revealed on the latest addition to the Spectrum family. EXCLUSIVELY.

Next Month Compo
Win another sackload of Dizzy paraphernalia this month. All you have to do is tell us what poor old Seymour is saying on the SU Next month page picture.


Up Front
Tell It To Al
Suck Up


The crew

Everyone likes to pig out while playing computer games. I mean let's face it, whether you're destroying mad meanies from space or wimping out of a confrontation with Indy's Nazi foes or Hulk Hogan you're gonna want to keep those energy reserves up by stuffing your face. As usual the SU Crew are on hand with excellent culinary advice.

Yvette Nichols
Art Editor

When she's not banging out a high score on How To Get A Mag Out On Time And Still Remain Sane Yvette loves to tuck into a nice jar of peanut butter. Alternatively she can be found munching on tinned minced beef, smash, deep pan pizzas, rice crispies or a bagel topped off with smoked salmon flavored cream cheese. Of course given the option Yvette could subsist solely on vegemite (an antipodean yeast concoction) but she's not allowed to bring the stuff into the office ... Last time she did it got into the Speccy and it took three months for an army of specially imported New Zealand bred ants to eat it off the Z80.
Fave Games: Turbo Tortoise, 3D Snooker

Alan Dykes

In between playing Super Advanced Better Than All The Rest Top Notch Highly Realistic Knitting Simulator, and doing his bit for Anglo Irish relations, Big AI likes nothing better than to tuck into a nice chocolate fudge cake. Also top in the big ones culinary culminations are chocolate eclairs, chocolate sponge cake, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream and to round it all off a nice bag of dry roasted, chocolate covered peanuts. What a guy.
Fave Games: Indy 4, 3D Pool

Paul Anglin
Wacky Dude

In between watching Liverpool videos, listening to U2 and playing SMASH TV the youngster of the bunch (provided his resident cook/mother isn't busy) likes nothing better than to chew on a box of chocolate chip cookies and slurp an ice cream soda. Also amongst the short ones fave dishes are deep pan pizzas with ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers, onions with spicy beef, finished with a round of garlic bread. (That's why he's a fat so-and-so - Al)
Fave Games: 3D Snooker, Turbo the Tortoise

Tina Zanelli
Ad Manager

Tina's favourite game is trying to create extra pages in the mag so that she can fit in all the ads she's wangled. But when she finds a spare minute she likes nothing better than to dive into a huge tub of Haagen Daaz chocolate ice cream. But this can be a trifle fattening so she does have a few low calorie dishes on her menu; popcorn, ricotta cheese tortellini with double cream, two thousand cloves of garlic and a litre or ten of fine (non-alcoholic) Italian vino, all shared in the company of a certain Christian Slater.
Fave Games: Little Puff (Quattro Collection), Megasports

Matthew Walker
Production Editor

Well folks it's a sad bye to Matthew this month. It seems as though it was only yesterday that he arrived along to SU Towers eating raw garlic with tomato ketchup dressing. Now he's off to pastures green to eat some grass which, I'm told, he's very fond of. Before he goes he wants to say something to all of you; "I'm off!" Eloquent as always, Matthew will be sorely missed.
Fave Games: Addams Family, 3D Snooker.

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