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Saga 2+ - the cut-price sequel

FOLLOWING its huge success with the Saga 3 Elite keyboard for the Spectrum - a Sinclair User Classic - Saga has released a cut-down version, the Saga 2+, which retains most

Figure 1. Single key functions
Edit Delete Caps Lock G Mode E Mode
E Mode functions
Ink Paper Verify Erase Cat

worthy features but sells for £20 less, £54.95.

Sporting 71 keys, 22 of them single functions - see figure one - the Saga 2+ caters for most tastes. Fifty-one of the keys are in the main block with additional shift keys and a full-sized space bar, the other 20 keys are to the right in a numeric pad with all the mathematical functions.

Surprisingly, the 1 to 0 keys are only to be found on the numeric pad, not above the QWERTY layout. That is a little confusing but with familiarity is not a problem.

All the key caps are printed, in dark grey, with none of the usual Sinclair keyword clutter on them. If you really want that, Saga supplies a set of three-colour stick-on legends with the keyboard which go on the keys. So you get the best of both worlds.

If you have problems remembering all the key positions but don't want the sticky labels, there is a three-colour card which sits above the keys with all the positions - similar to that supplied with the Saga 3. That card can be angled for better viewing and when in the up positions reveals a pen tray.

Compatability with add-ons should not be a problem as the base of the original Spectrum 48K or Plus - is retained and bolted to the base of the keyboard. The top of the keyboard is a little higher than a Plus but angled slightly to give more room.

If I had not already seen the Saga 3 Elite, I would have awarded the 2+ a Sinclair User Classic. As it is, I'll simply say 'Well done, Saga'.

John Lambert

Spectrum 128 Issue 47 Contents Seiko RC-1000

Sinclair User
February 1986