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Issue 1
April 1982

Editorial director
John Sterlicchi
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Production editor
Harold Mayes
Bill Scolding
Advertisement director
Simon Horgan
Advertisement manager
Les Morton
Editorial/production assistant
Sue Hawes
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd. It is not in any way connected with Sinclair Research Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE The question every user asks is "What will Clive Sinclair do next?" Each month we will look into our crystal ball.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Hopefully all new software which comes on to the market will come under our scrutiny and will form the basis of a series of snappy reviews.

  • HARDWARE WORLD The same applies to hardware. This month we look at various boards, systems, kits and assorted goodies.

  • INSIDE SINCLAIR Meet Ruth Bramley, who works for Sinclair answering the hundreds of technical queries the company receives from users.

  • MICROFAIR MANIA Once again thousands queued for hours to go to the ZX Microfair. Our photographer captured the happy scenes.

  • STARTING FROM SCRATCH Just bought a ZX-81? Well, here is a guide to help you take those tentative first steps to understanding your system.

  • HELPLINE Is this what you have been waiting for? Our expert, Andrew Hewson, aims to answer problems in his monthly column.

  • SCHOOL SPOT Sinclairs have made such a great impact in our schools that we intend to travel the length and breadth of the U.K. looking for interesting applications.

  • EIGHT PAGES OF PROGRAMS Othello, Blackjack and Star Swerver are just three of the programs we list this month. Remember if you have written a program we will pay if we print it.

  • BUSINESS Who said the ZX-81 was no good for business applications? Certainly not Mike Salem, who sets out to prove it is just fine.

  • CONVERSION No, not just to the Gospel according to Clive! This is one for you folks who climbed aboard the ZX-80 bandwagon and want to convert your programs to the ZX-81.

  • BOOKS Almost as much has been written about the ZX-81 as the rest of the micro scene put together. In each issue we will examine a few offerings.

  • SOFTWARE OVERVIEW As this is the first issue we thought we would skate over some of the products which have been on the market a time before we begin more in depth analyses.

  • HARDWARE OVERVIEW Ditto on the hardware side. Stephen Adams scans the market before getting down to dissecting Sinclair's 16K RAM next month.

  • COMPETITION We know that Sinclair printers are supposed to be as rare as gold dust but we have managed to get our hands on five to give away as prizes.

  • PRESTEL There is £1,000 at stake for the inventor of the best ZX-81/Prestel adaptor. Roger Green looks at what doors such an adaptor would open.

  • MIND GAMES Last but not least we have asked Philip Joy to write a regular column on more thought-provoking games. He, in turn, is asking for help from you the reader.

If you would like to contribute to Sinclair User, please send typed (or beautifully hand-written) articles or programs to -
Sinclair User
ECC Publications,

We will pay £10 for each program printed and £50 for each article which should be approximately 1,000 words long.

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