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As well as Matthew Wilson at CRASH Online, who allowed me to quite shamelessly rip off unfeasibly large chunks of html, javascript and several ideas, thanks are also due - in no particular order - to:

Jim Grimwood, for SPOT, maintaining the program listings archive at TTFn, help with various scans, transcribing various bits and pieces and the suggestion for the title of the site - giving such a relevant four letter acronym

Martijn van der Heide, for hosting the magazine covers at WOS as well as, ooh, loads of things really

Andy Barker, for the cover tape archive

Michael Bruhn, for instigating the original program listings index at Desert Island Disks

Vaggelis Kapartzianis, for ZX32, the emulator used for the screenshots

Bill Scolding, for the magazine donations and the emails

Anyone who's loaded stuff on WOS - I've nicked the occasional cassette cover scan and such like.


It is perhaps worth reiterating that all copyright still exists with the original authors and publishers. I've sent a few emails asking for permission, but met with no response - other's experiences lead me to conclude that this is not unusual. So, I've decided to put the site up and see what happens.

Should anyone want anything altered or removed, please email me and I'll sort it out immediately.

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