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Issue 31
October 1984

Bill Scolding
Deputy editor
John Gilbert
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Staff writer
Chris Bourne
Craig Kennedy
Group advertisement manager
John Ross
Deputy advertisement manager
Louise Fanthorpe
Production assistant
James McClure
Editorial assistant
Colette McDermott
Subscriptions Manager
Carl Dunne
Assistant publisher
Neil Wood
Gerry Murray

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The Teaching Turtle

MACHINE CODE TUTORS John Gilbert finds out how a Spectrum can teach machine code.

LOGO The Spectrum turns turtle. Theo Wood explains.

COMPETITION Pit your wits against Doomdark's Revenge.

MICRODRIVES JB Souter makes a flexible friend.

THE MICRO MEDICS Chris Bourne investigates the use of computers in medicine.

QL WINDOWS and multi-tasking have been veiled in secrecy. John Gilbert pulls back the blinds.

Hardware World
The Emperor Strikes Back
Spectrum Software Scene
A Study in Software

SINCLAIR SIMON Our hero makes a costly mistake.

HARDWARE WORLD Poke around some of the latest add-ons.

SPECTRUM SOFTWARE SCENE Seven pages of reviews.

ZX-81 SOFTWARE SCENE Fun at the races and Bug-Byte dictates who should rule.

SINCLAIR SURGERY The hardware doctor is in.

HIT SQUAD Chris Bourne puts the heat on the Mugsy artist.

SINCLAIR BUSINESS USER Word processors compared and a shop window on specialist software.

HELPLINE Andrew Hewson avoids data loss.

MIND GAMES Quentin Heath creates intelligence.


SINCLAIRVOYANCE Sinclair's massive Christmas campaign.

Program Printout
The Right Stuff

NEWS Spectrum Six Pack, QL software, Odyssey arrest.

LETTERS Your opinions.


PROGRAM PRINTOUT Are you made of The Right Stuff?


STARTER PACK Help for new users.

CLUB CORNER A list of clubs in Britain and abroad.

SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Our regular ratings guide.

NEXT MONTH News of a free gift in November.

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Issue 30 - Helpline Main Contents Sinclairvoyance