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Issue 15
June 1983

Nigel Clark
Deputy editor/designer
William Scolding
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Production editor
Harold Mayes MBE
Staff writer
John Gilbert
Editorial director
John Sterlicchi
Advertisement manager
John Ross
Sales executive
Annette Burrows
Editorial assistant
Margaret Hawkins
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE This month we look to the developments in the U.S. to see if there are indications as to what could be happening in the U.K. in the near future.

  • SINCLAIR USER CLUB Two of the top software houses offer discounts on their ranges exclusive to club members.

  • NEWS The reduction in the price of the Spectrum is the major item, with many other pieces of interesting information.

  • LETTERS Our April Fool program elicited a mixed response.

  • HARDWARE WORLD A mains filter plug, the expandable RAM pack from Stonechip, and keyboard buttons are features in our round-up of the add-ons.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE We continue our splitting of software reviews between the Spectrum and the ZX-81.

  • BASICARE Stephen Adams looks in detail at the expansion modules which add muscle to your ZX-81.

  • DATABASES John Gilbert examines the main contenders for the personal finance market.

  • RETAIL TRADE We consider the machines which are now available through retail outlets.

  • PROGRAM PRINTOUT Fourteen more pages of listings for the Spectrum and ZX-81.

  • USER OF THE MONTH Sophie is 18 months old but already is an experienced user of the Spectrum.

  • ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING Following our series on how to program, Donald Hughes gives some tips on writing adventure programs.

  • BOOKS The market is becoming more competitive. John Gilbert assesses the situation.

  • EDUCATION A West Yorkshire council is using the ZX-81 to interest schools in computing. Amrit Surya explains how it is developing.

  • STARTING FROM SCRATCH Our popular feature to help new users become accustomed to their machines.

  • SINCLAIR SIMON With the Spectrum price falling, what will happen to the ZX-81? Simon thinks he has the answer.

  • HELPLINE Your problems answered by our expert, Andrew Hewson.

  • MIND GAMES Quentin Heath goes underground.


Stephen Adams reviews the full range of memory expansions for the ZX-81 and John Gilbert assesses programming aids.

If you would like to contribute to any of the Sinclair User group of publications please send programs, articles or ideas for hardware projects to:
Sinclair User and Programs
ECC Publications,

Programs should be on cassette and articles should be typed. We cannot undertake to return them unless a stamped-addressed envelope is included.
We pay £10 for each program published and £50 per 1,000 words for each article used.

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Issue 14 - Mind Games Main Contents Sinclairvoyance