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SU 6 Cover School Special

Issue 6
September 1982

Nigel Clark
Consultant editor
Mike Johnston
Production editor
Harold Mayes MBE
William Scolding
Editorial director
John Sterlicchi
Advertisement director
Simon Horgan
Advertisement manager
John Ross
Editorial/production assistant
Margaret Hawkins
Managing director
Terry Cartwright
Richard Hease

Sinclair User is published monthly by ECC Publications Ltd. It is not in any way connected with Sinclair Research Ltd.

  • SINCLAIRVOYANCE Schools could soon be a thing of the past. We consider the dangers of this idea.

  • PROFILE We speak to Eric Deeson, who has firm views on the future of computers in education.

  • EDUCATION USES Keith Jammer looks at the advantages of the ZX-81 compared to other computers in education.

  • TEACHING HARDWARE A number of add-ons have been produced for the schools market. Tony Dutton investigates.

  • SCHOOLS SOFTWARE Dave Sayers reports on how commercial software is helping to teach traditional subjects.

  • NEWS Clive Sinclair runs in the Cambridge half-marathon; price cut for the ZX-81 and much more.

  • YOUR LETTERS You keep us in touch with your thoughts on the world of Sinclair.

  • STARTING FROM SCRATCH Our guide on how to learn to use your ZX-81.

  • PROGRAM PRINTOUT Eight more pages of our popular programs.

  • HARDWARE WORLD Our reviewers look at what is new in add-ons.

  • HELPLINE Andrew Hewson looks at a variety of problems facing readers.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Pac-man games have been produced for the ZX-81 in large numbers. We assess some of the earliest attempts.

  • SINCLAIR USER CLUB More news from our rapidly-expanding club and a new offer to members.

  • COMPETITION Another of our great competitions in which we offer a ZX-99.

  • MIND GAMES Anagrams and crosswords are considered by Philip Joy.

  • SPECIAL OFFER We repeat our amazing offer of £20 off the cost of the kit for the ZX-81.

  • FREE INSIDE - the first edition of our new Spectrum User section, devoted to news about the Spectrum, its uses and problems.


We look into the future and how microcomputers are likely to play a big part in our lives.

If you would like to contribute to Sinclair User, please send typed (or beautifully hand-written) articles or programs to -
Sinclair User
ECC Publications,

We will pay £10 for each program printed and £50 for each article which should be approximately 1,000 words long.

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Issue 5 - Inside Sinclair Main Contents Sinclairvoyance